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Rakesh Sharma, President, Zyom Inc.
(Editorial guidance: John Duvenage Zyom, Inc.)

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Web-event: Intelligent Operations – Open Forum

Date & time: December 13th, 2018; 11:30 AM PST

What is Intelligent Operations in the context of running operations at product enterprises?

It’s not a system or a tool, or the latest technology (machine learning, deep learning etc.) or a new management strategy.

The end goals of Intelligent Operations will require all these and all the engineering & conceptual leaps that we are familiar with – Lean, Six Sigma, constraint-based management, optimization (via Operations Research), Supply Chain Planning (starting with MRP/DRP), Sales & Operations Planning, among others.

Given the fog that’s beginning to accumulate around “Intelligence” and its applications in Operations, which can either help us go up the mountain of operational excellence or make us slip badly, as many new technologies in their hype-cycles do, we thought it best to convene an open forum of and for Operations practitioners. Knowing first-hand the aspirations of operations teams and leaders at companies we work with, has brought added urgency for such a forum.

The overarching goal of this forum is an open, learning forum to actively exchange new ideas that can benefit those running operations, and those that strive to provide for them, such as service providers.

Current focus is on people in Supply Chain Operations, Sales Operations and Financial Operations

Goal for this first informal forum meeting
- What is the one Goal of Intelligent Operations that product companies care about? We’ve defined one; would love for you to weigh in
- What is one key element that all Intelligent Operations initiatives will need as a starting point? We will share one. This is to preempt the ‘cart before the horse’ problem that all ops initiatives face.

Format: 1 facilitator with all participating in a web-meeting format for 20 minutes.
Date: December 13th, 2018; 11:30 AM PST
To Join: For link and other details to join Forum and this web-event, please contact John Duvenage at johnd@zyom.com

Facilitator: Rakesh Sharma, President, Zyom

Our facilitator has lived through 2 decades of technology hype-cycles partnering with cross-functional operations teams and their leadership in the hi-tech electronics & consumer electronics industries, deploying some ‘bleeding edge’ technology and process-change solutions. He has worked alongside colleagues at companies such as HP, Dell, Compaq (prior to HP), 3M among others in the past, and more recently with companies such as Samsung, 2Wire, Ruckus, Aerohive and Cambium, implementing change-enabling systems and processes. He looks forward to this opportunity to share and learn.

This Web-event is now over For more information please contact John Duvenage at johnd@zyom.com

On Operations and Scale – A Key Driving Force

November 27th, 2018

Rakesh Sharma, President, Zyom Inc.
(Editorial guidance: John Duvenage Zyom, Inc.)

Making a company scale is vital. For hardware product companies (offering physical goods), this is especially key when technology is still in its early stages of adoption. Scaling early provides a solid competitive anchor in the markets they serve, making it harder for follow-on competition to achieve similar scale or size. Most research and case-studies have overlooked a very important piece of the scaling puzzle – scaling operations effectively and rapidly – both the Demand and Supply-side.

The author derives ideas and inspiration from an example of scale available to us in abundance – that of us, Humans, and attempts to answer the following question –

Why is it that some companies can achieve scale and grow, while others in the same or similar industry with promising products cannot?

Utilizing experiential evidence of scale from directly working with a company that scaled significantly in a short period, and direct and indirect knowledge from other companies, including past experiences, the author arrives at, what could be fairly counter-intuitive answers.

One specific capability in particular stands us in good stead.

What is this capability? How to develop & utilize this capability?

This article could give you some fresh ideas as you plan to scale in the new year (2019).

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Live Webinar: About Time – How can you reduce a critical Operations Cycle time by 87% Now & gain a Big advantage?

Zyom Webinar Series - Operations & Systems
Date & time: April 26th, 2018; 11:30 am to 12:00 noon US-Pacific time

Who will benefit: Chief Operations Officers (COO), Operations & Sales Operations leaders, Supply Chain Planner/ Operations Planner, Demand Planner and Procurement, and the various titles that serve these 3 roles

Rakesh Sharma, President, Zyom Inc. &
John Duvenage, VP of Business Development, Zyom Inc.

Operations provides a competitive advantage for Product companies (Hardware products) by increasing the speed at which companies operate. However, even the best-run companies run into hard limits when it comes to key parts of their Operations Cycle time – making it very hard for cross-functioning teams to ship the right mix of products in a timely manner and achieve desired operating costs. The problem is not new. However, there is a new approach to solving this problem – one which requires a careful meshing of good processes with specialized capabilities only available via the Cloud. These capabilities are beyond what ERP, S&OP tools, spreadsheets and emails can provide. Equipped with this, some well-run companies have reduced key Cycle times by up to 87% and gained an operating advantage.

What is this solution & what operating advantages does it provide?

In this Live 30-minute webinar, Rakesh will pull together his experiences working with customers like Ruckus Wireless (now Arris), Aerohive Networks, Cambium Networks in designing and implementing end-to-end Planning & Execution Systems to share specific learnings in 3 areas -

1. Which specific part of the Operations Cycle time can be reduced by 87%?
2. The 3 key elements of Cycle time that can be reduced? How Zyom speeds up this cycle?
3. How the ‘day in their life’ changes? Why is this Cloud critical for Operations leaders & their teams; The Benefits?

Cross-functional Operations teams at Technology-driven companies at various stages of their development & maturity cycle stand to gain from the learnings shared.

This webinar is now over
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Transitions and Turbulence - How to ride it out?

February 18th, 2017

Rakesh Sharma, President, Zyom Inc.
(Editorial guidance: Alpana Sharma & John Duvenage Zyom, Inc.)

Often product transitions in product companies lead to serious turbulence which can throw the best-run companies off-track. In product and innovation driven companies - such as Hi-tech electronics and Consumer goods, this can become a traumatic experience with big tangible losses in excess & obsolete Inventory and near-term lost Revenue. Longer term lost market opportunities & customer goodwill can be corrosive for its competitiveness. This need not be the case.

Read our I-blog which provides a case summary derived from a real-life Product-transition experience at a dynamic consumer goods company, and what the company learned.

What’s the best way to execute Product transitions?
What operational risks companies in hi-tech electronics & consumer goods face during transitions? What plan & process changes are needed?

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Insight Log - What’s the demand? Solution to a most demanding enterprise

October 20th, 2016

Rakesh Sharma, President, Zyom Inc.
(editor: Alpana Sharma, Zyom Inc.)

A hard problem - What's the demand?

Pinpointing what is the real demand that a product company has to build to – this is clearly one of the hardest Operating problems in the Hi-tech branded products industry. Let’s try to uncover why? Why focused energies need to be expended at the senior-leadership level to ensure that the right approach and yes tools are applied to solve this problem.

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This blog gleans valuable insights gathered supporting Operations teams at dynamic companies such as Ruckus Wireless and Aerohive Networks as they scaled their operations. Highlights the intensely cross-functional nature of understanding Demand. The key role that Operations, especially Supply Chain Operations plays in answering the most critical question around demand -

What's the net Demand Operations need to Build or Buy for?

Offers insights into why and how Operations leaders can think and act outside the 'ERP Box' to determine demand quickly and accurately.

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Executive Briefing: Highly Predictable Revenue Plans - What your competitors are using

Zyom Exec Briefing - Systems for Operations

Past Webinar:

Who will benefit:
Operations leaders, Senior Leaders of Operations, Supply Chain Operations, Manufacturing and Procurement, Business IT Architects, IT Analysts
Rakesh Sharma, President, Zyom Inc.

Every successful product company has a combination of Systems & Processes to help them achieve their Revenue Plan.
No matter how much these Systems are upgraded or tweaked, operations still can’t get real-time global visibility into demand information, and match it with real-time supply information.
This lack of real-time visibility aggravates problems like:
  • Unplanned shortages holding up customer shipments.
  • Predictability and confidence in meeting or beating Revenue Plan.
Join us for a Live 30 minute Executive Briefing meeting to learn how other Product Companies’ Operations teams are able to get real-time visibility and achieve an unfair Operating advantage over their competitors.

This webinar is now over
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Webinar: Operations & The Missing Link – A Catalyst for Growth?

Zyom Webinar Series - Operations & Systems

Past Webinar:

Who will benefit:
COO/Operations leaders, Supply Chain Operations, Channel Sales, Product Ops, Financial Ops
Rakesh Sharma, President, Zyom Inc.

Why is it that some product companies can grow and scale operations without missing a beat, while others in the same industry vertical struggle?

In this webinar Rakesh Sharma, culls from over 10 years of experience as President of Zyom, working closely with cross-functional teams in Supply Chain Operations, Sales, Product Ops & Finance from companies such as Samsung and Ruckus Wireless to explain

What is this 'missing link' ?
Why is it vital to your overall Operations ?
How this provides a catalyst for growth ?

This webinar is now over
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Webinar: Scaling Operations Profitably – How Ruckus Wireless utilized Systems smarts to do it?

Zyom Webinar Series - Operations & Systems

Past Webinar:

Fred Harried, Vice President, Operations, Ruckus Wireless &
Rakesh Sharma, President, Zyom, Inc.

Imagine if you could get front row seats to the unfolding of an amazing journey. Join us to get a brief glimpse into such a journey, from the viewpoint of Fred Harried, VP of Operations at Ruckus Wireless.

What Ruckus Wireless has experienced over the last 4 years has been nothing short of amazing. From small beginnings in 2004, navigating the ‘Great Recession’ (2008-2009) to become a leading player in the Wireless Internetworking industry, and now a Public company - as of Nov. 16!

Early on, Ruckus Operations decided to partner with Zyom – creator of the Operations Support Systems Mozart which helps Product companies scale efficiently.

This webinar will cover 2 facets of the journey:

1) What Operations leaders face when they have to scale Operations significantly over a short period of time?

2) Systems smarts – What Ruckus Operations did differently? How did Zyom's System Mozart help?

and close with a Q&A.
Rakesh Sharma, President of Zyom, will facilitate this discussion and be your tour-guide on the Systems leg of the journey.

This webinar is now over
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Demand Responsive Companies - Why is it important? How to make your company Demand Responsive?

The trend towards outsourced manufacturing on the supply side of OEMs and Branded Product Companies, combined with multiple and multi-tiered channels that these companies sell through has created a need for a new approach - Demand Responsiveness.
Listen to this video where Zyom, Inc. President & Founder, Rakesh Sharma explains why Demand Responsiveness is critical, and how to make your Company Demand Responsive.
(site requires registration)

For more : http://www.supplychainbrain.com/content/index.php?id=5032&cHash=081010&tx_ttnews[tt_news]=13142

Connecting the Dots .. from Channel Demand to Supply Response Utilizing Demand Responsiveness

Supply Chain Planning & Forecasting: Best Practices Conference -
Hilton San Francisco, CA

October 18th, 2011 11:25AM - 12:25 PM

Speaker: Rakesh Sharma, President, Zyom, Inc.

The problem is old - How can we accurately gauge and best respond to market demand? Once companies gain market traction, great things can happen.

Distributors and VARs embrace a company’s promising products, demand fortifies, it seems ‘happily ever after’ is just around the corner, until the next spike or slump. Companies, building their channel reputation ‘shipment by shipment’, can see a rapid reversal in fortunes if these ‘bends’ are not navigated quickly and carefully.

The answer is ‘enhanced’ Demand Responsiveness. By enlisting the support of field sales, channel demand signals and changes can be quickly interpreted, and "relevant" forecasts kept fresh. One company started reaping the benefits of Demand Responsiveness - shorter response cycles, smarter re-sizing of Channel Inventory and overall higher ‘quality’ of Sales data. The key elements are bold cross-functional leadership and a simple premise - ‘connect the dots all the way from Channel Demand till the last shipment has been delivered’.

This event is over
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For more : http://ibf.org/conferences.cfm?fuseaction=conferenceDetail&conID=325

The Rise of the Small - How a small company is Rethinking Operations and gaining ground

Zyom Webinar Series - Operations

Past Webinar:

Fred Harried, Vice President, Operations, Ruckus Wireless &
Rakesh Sharma, President, Zyom, Inc.

Current economic uncertainty has impacted companies of all sizes. According to recent studies, smaller companies have been harder hit than their larger counterparts in this slowdown – contrary to past recessions.

Yet, Ruckus Wireless, a young wireless networking company (started in 2006) continues to buck the trend. Ruckus sells its products in the highly competitive Wireless networking marketplace. One of the key ingredients to their strong competitive standing is – Operations. Three years ago the executive management at Ruckus started to execute on plans to Rethink Operations and its role at Ruckus.

Learn how Ruckus partnered with Zyom to Rethink Operations, making it an engine for growing revenue while staying laser-focused on keeping Operational costs low.

This webinar is for all Operations personnel and executives (Supply Chain, Planning, Finance and Sales Operations) at companies that design and sell products who want to learn

- Key elements of this ‘Operations model’
- Benefits of this approach (including some ‘unplanned’ benefits)
- How Ruckus is pulling this off despite constraints

This Webinar is over
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Building Responsive Operations - Strategy & Systems for an Uncertain Economic Climate

Institute of Business Forecasting & Planning (IBF) - Demand Planning & Forecasting: Best Practices Conference w/ Demand Mgmt Forum - San Francisco, CA

April 30th, 2010 2:15-3:15 PM
Fred Harried, Vice President, Operations, Ruckus Wireless &
Rakesh Sharma, President, Zyom, Inc.

Ruckus Wireless is a growing, young company competing with bigger, established players. Ruckus had to adapt fast to the changing economic climate. Two years ago, as demand was climbing, the operations leadership at Ruckus made a conscious decision to build a lean operations model. Given the uncertain economic climate, they needed to scale their business globally without increasing costs. This presentation will outline the results including a scalable and highly sophisticated process and enabling system that enables Ruckus understand global demand, respond quickly and intelligently to changes while acting in close concert with its global supply network

This event is over
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Product Cost Forecasting & Cost-based Planning- A New Frontier in Operations Management

Institute of Business Forecasting & Planning (IBF) - Supply Chain Forecasting & Planning Conference- Phoenix, AZ

February 26th, 2008 3-4 PM
Speaker: Rakesh Sharma, President, Zyom, Inc.

To date most of the focus of the forecasting and planning discipline has been in the area of ‘Demand and supply-centric forecasting and planning’. Zyom's customer set out to build a systematic picture of their total product and total operational costs (called “Full-up COGS”). This presentation will discuss Cost-forecasting, Cost-based planning, and why these two concepts are important. We will detail the critical processes that comprise cost based forecasting and planning as well as the key roles and capabilities required to make this concept work. Finally we will show how we partnered with our customer to construct an end-to-end process and supporting system, that will help the company drastically improve its current and forward visibility of their total operational costs as well as result in better operational cost control.

This event is over
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Demand Responsiveness, Demand Responsive Operations Demand Responsive Supply Chain, Demand Responsive Global Supply Chain, Operations Support System for Supply Chain Planning & Execution, Operations Support System for Real-time, Collaborative Planning & Execution

Demand Responsiveness, Demand Responsive Operations Demand Responsive Supply Chain, Demand Responsive Global Supply Chain, Operations Support System for Supply Chain Planning & Execution, Operations Support System for Real-time, Collaborative Planning & Execution